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BioShield Desk Mats

Add an extra layer of protection with antimicrobial, easily portable desk mats. Perfect for classrooms, lunch rooms, and more. Reduce the need for frequent cleaning while keeping workspaces safe.


Get back to normal life more safely with BioShield's portable, antimicrobial desk mats.


Unlike traditional cleaners that work once and evaporate, our mats begin eliminating viruses and bacteria on contact and work continuously...even when not in use!

Studies conducted through Microchem Laboratories and the University of Arkansas found BioShield mats to be >99.9% effective against viruses and bacteria, including a coronavirus surrogate!

Mat Info

Perfectly Portable

BioShield Portable Desk Mats are the perfect size for classroom desks and working at home. 

The sturdy, flexible material lets you roll up the mat for easy transport.

Need something smaller? You can cut the mats down to the exact size you need!

Strengthen Your Personal Bubble

As we go back to school and work, we have to be more cognizant than ever about our Personal Bubbles. BioShield Desk Mats help you strengthen and protect your Bubble with constant antimicrobial power.

For adults and older kids, we recommend keeping your Desk Mat with you and using it when you set up for school, work, or to eat in public.


For teachers and administrators, Desk Mats allow for less repetitive cleaning while still offering safe work surfaces.

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Effective Antimicrobial Technology

Like all of our products, BioShield's Portable Desk Mats are infused with silver ion technology, which is clinically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that come in contact with the surface. 

Replace the mat at least every 6 months to maintain efficacy.

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Ready to see how BioShield can work for you?

Contact us for a quote, more information, or just to reach out. We'd love to hear from you. 

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