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Our primary goal at BioShield is to ensure your surfaces are protected. Through thousands of hours or R&D and decades of combined experience, we're confident in our ability to achieve that goal for you.


Founded to address a lack of antibacterial, antiviral consumer-facing products on the market, BioShield products provide enormous benefit in the context of the recent coronavirus outbreak. Throughout NIH research, educational institution studies, and external third-party testing, clear evidence supports the efficacy of silver ions (Ag+) in rendering viruses, including coronaviruses, innocuous over a short period of time. This technology is already found in varying market segments, including coatings for medical equipment.


Our team, with previous expertise in product design and development, began researching how this technology could be expanded outside of hospitals and into businesses, government, and consumer households to create safer environments, especially given the current COVID outbreak. Thus, BioShield designers began work on our first suite of products, with a goal of creating versatile, easy to use, and effective adhesive films, clear lacquers, mats and more. All of these products are manufactured using antimicrobial polymers containing a specific silver nanoparticle additive (BioShield's EMBED technology).


We paid particular attention to manufacturing our products in the USA. Our suite of products accommodate a wide range of applications and use cases, including elevators and buttons, door push plates and handles, hand railings, and even furniture (included upholstered and fabric materials). We offer custom products as necessary.


Since then, we've continued to innovate our BioShield's Embed product line and most important, we are focused on partnering with third parties to test and prove our product efficacy. There is enormous advantage to applying the appropriate product in the places and spaces people touch the most as a way to slow the spread of coronavirus and whatever epidemic may come next.


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Tim Keough

Founder & CEO

Tim is a multi-time entrepreneur with 25 years experience founding and building companies. His portfolio includes WythMe, Kinsail, Aperserv, and ZonaFinanciera. Tim also has extensive experience building teams and technology solutions across multiple verticals.

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Chris Kouba


Chris brings 25 years of manufacturing experience  ranging from micro-processors to aerospace gas turbine investment castings and has turned proposals into products for domestic and international customers.

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Chris MacAulay


Formerly the VP of Global Partnerships at Under Armour, Chris brings more than 25 years of experience in building successful businesses for digital agencies, consumer-focused technology and product marketing offerings. 

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Bryan Penn


Bryan has spent 10 years in business operations, including with Kinsail, where he served as Operations Director. He has expertise in financial ops, product management, administrative ops, and customer service strategy.

Ryan Kuehl

Business Development

Building on a 12-year NFL career and a decade in leadership positions at Under Armour, Ryan has thrived building multi-layer partnerships around corporate direction, alignment of operational and top-line goals, and strategic business development opportunities.


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