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- Long lasting efficacy; reduces viral and bacterial pathogens for up to six (6) months

- Roll-up design fits easily in backpacks, laptop bags, etc

- Dual-sided antimicrobial surfaces

- Semi-transparent design

- Wipe clean - no special chemicals needed

- Orders of 1, 5, and 10 come with complementary fastener!

- EPA Company #: 99381

Portable Desk Mat

  • BioShield Portable Desk Mats are an essential addition to your school or office experience. Despite best sanitation efforts, workspaces can still be covered with harmful microbes. Our portable desk mats allow you to take safety wherever you go! The EMBED technology fused into high quality LDPE plastic begins killing viruses and bacteria on contact. And with the softness of the material, these desk mats add both safety AND comfort to your workspace, wherever it may be!