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Ionic Silver Safety Information

Silver ions (Ag+) are a safe and effective antimicrobial method. See below for peer-reviewed scientific articles and government information about the use of silver ions.



Silver has been used as an antimicrobial agent since as early as the 17th century. The more recent applications of silver ions in surface treatments and textiles protect you from germs and have been clinically shown to be non-toxic.

Medical Applications

Silver ions have been shown to be effective and safe in a variety of medical and safety equipment applications.

“Nanoparticles show promise when applied as a coating to the surface of protective clothing in reducing the risk of transmission of infectious agents.”

“The results of this study indicated that the use of nanomaterials in the structure of brand new mask filters compared with conventional masks enhances the performance and efficiency of breathing air filtration, improves permeability, increases antimicrobial properties, and offers reasonable comfort to the workers.”

Safe for You

Several studies have shown that silver ions are non-toxic to people.

“Studies with primary human fibroblast cells showed that the coatings had no cytotoxicity [that is, toxicity to living cells] in vitro.”

“Reported cases of silver toxicity are limited, and after 50 years of intensive use in burns, silver toxicity is insignificant compared to the benefits of use and in comparison with other antimicrobials”

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Approved by the EPA

The US Environmental Protection Agency approves of the use of ionic silver.

“Based on EPA’s human health and ecological risk assessment, the agency has concluded that the new active ingredient [NSPW Nanosilver] for use as materials preservative in textiles, meets the regulatory standard under FIFRA.”

"Available data indicate that the leach rate of nanosilver derived from NSPW-treated textiles is below the limit of detection; the potential for environmental exposure of the polymer is presumed to be negligible”

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