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- 8oz of antimicrobial solution treats ~16 masks

- Treatment embeds in fabric fibers

- Effective for up to 20 washes

- Easy to apply - simply soak and dry!

- No odor

- Treats any cloth/surgical mask

- EPA Company #: 99381

Mask Treatment Kit (~16 Masks)

  • BioShield's Antimicrobial Mask Treatment Kit adds a germ-killing layer to your favorite mask! While coronavirus can live on untreated fabric for up to 2 days, our treated masks begin eradicating viruses on contact, eliminating ~97% in just 5 minutes! And our treatment can be applied easily right in your own home - simply dip your mask and throw in the dryer. Proven effective with no adverse effects on fabrics, our Mask Treatment Kit is the perfect upgrade for your daily wear masks!

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