- Long lasting efficacy; reduces viral and bacterial pathogens for up to six (6) months

- Soft, pliable silicone material with great handfeel

- Dual-sided antimicrobial surfaces

- Easy-on, easy-off; simply stretch and secure

- Wipe clean - no special chemicals needed

- EPA Company #: 99381

Doorknob Cover - Pack of 2

  • BioShield Doorknob covers bring safety to every door! Despite best sanitation efforts, doorknobs can quickly be contaminated with harmful microbes. But unlike cleaning sprays, the silver nanoparticles used in our doorknob covers continuously kill viruses and bacteria! Made of high quality silicone, these covers stretch to fit virtually all knobs, and the material tension holds them in place with no adhesives. A great addition to your school, home, office, or anywhere people open doors!

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8/10/21, 7:21 AM





6/17/21, 6:14 PM




that smell is finally gone

2/10/21, 8:54 PM

you know the one. that musty smell you get after working in your mask all day (like i'm forced to). i'm not even afraid of the virus. but i work in a bank all day and HAVE to wear a mask. by the end of the day. it stinks.

found this on a r3ecommendation from a friend. miracle cure. i can actually stand to wear my mask from 9-5 every day, despite how mch i despise the practice. and true to form, it has withstood multiple washings. haven't made it to 20 yet, but i'll check back in when i have.

worth the money. i'll keep using at least until i can get these stupid propaganda pieces off my face.


L. W.


Slight Smell, No Discoloration

2/4/21, 3:04 PM

Tried this out on one of my darker masks to make sure it wouldn't discolor, before using on my boutique masks. There was no discoloration. I did notice a very slight smell, almost a little bit sweet. Not offensive, but still there. This went away after the first wash.

I've since treated all my masks. I wear a mask every day for work, and I notice them getting smelly less frequently. Would recommend.

wear a mask!



1/29/21, 7:52 PM

on my third bottle of this stuff!

Waylon P


I like it

1/5/21, 9:23 PM

I decided to test out this spray, even though it was a little pricey. Can't really complain. I used a terrycloth like it said in the directions - treated one of my countertops. Actually comes out smoother than before spraying...you can really see it (in a good way). Looks much cleaner.

All in all, good product. Now I've tested at home, going to use this in my office (the intended purpose).


Merlin Povo


Good Stuff

12/30/20, 6:54 PM

Bought this to use on my personal space at work. Love the smell, also makes the surface lookk nice. Had a few coworkers end up buying some for themself. Dock star because i Wish bottle was a bit bigger.

paul barr


customer love

12/30/20, 6:50 PM

i put these on my tables at Sweet Beans. customer love them! they are a great conversation piece, and i can't tell you how many times i get thanked. definitely worth the price. -pb



We love it

12/8/20, 9:40 PM

Gone through a couple case of this stuff, figured it's time for a review. We love this stuff at our restaurant. Not only does it smells good, but it makes the tables shiny and they "feel" cleaner. Plus it's great to tell the customers, they really appreciate it. Will def keep ordering, at least as long as this nonsense persists...



Mostly good, one had crease

11/14/20, 4:09 AM

I got a 10pk of these to use for a group of kids i work with. They're decent quality, had no problems cleaning them. Shipping was fast. But when they arrived (in a tube) the outermost one had a hard crease in the corner, i can't seem to get it out. The rest were fine. Already contacted the company for replacement - if they do, i update and add the last star.

This Guy 🤟🏼


It's a Mat

11/13/20, 2:38 AM

People get really excited over this antimicrobial stuff. I'm here to tell you, this is a mat. It is exactly what you'd expect from a mat. It's plastic like a mat. It rolls up like a mat. It is, dare I say, a mat.

My work gave us an option of either using something like this or wiping down our workspace every time we get up. That said, as far as mats go, this is totally a mat. But I also have no complaints about the mat, just the policy. Welcome to 2020.

Here is what it looks like. Does it look like a mat?

Brian McD


Good Mat

11/13/20, 12:16 AM

It does everything claimed. Feels pretty good, rolls up and fits in the kids' backpacks.

Knocking a star b/c express shipping wasn't an option. That should be offered.

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