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Antimicrobial products designed to help you reopen safely

Ionic silver in BioShield's surface protectant and barrier products accelerate the decomposition of viruses and bacteria on high touch surfaces



Product Range

We have a range of products to keep all of your high-touch surfaces safe. From door handles to films for covering elevator buttons, you can rest easy knowing your space is protected with BioShield.

Box Delivery

All products that contain ionic silver need to be replaced regularly in order to maintain their effectiveness. We make that easy for you by sending replacements automatically, so you never have to think about it. 

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Blue Print

We partner with service providers, including contractors, painting companies, and interior refinishers. Service Provider Partners offer BioShield products to their customers to increase safety in their spaces.

Service Providers


Clinically proven effectiveness

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Don't just take our word for it. Independent studies of BioShield's silver-based antimicrobial agents show >99.9% reduction of various viruses and bacteria, including a SARS-CoV-2 surrogate.


Having the right products is just one part of keeping your space clean, healthy, and safe for your customers. That's why we advocate for our three-sided Safe Environment Strategy. 

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Masks, sanitizer and protocols are recommended for managing environment access for both employees and visitors as testing and tracking become ubiquitous and reliable.

People Safety
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Businesses install BioShield’s Embed line of products to reduce the risk of viral, bacterial and fungal spread through high touch surfaces. Products are replaced on a regular basis to ensure efficacy.

Continuous Sanitization
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Businesses undertake a thorough deep cleaning of all owned and operated spaces and develop a plan for continued maintenance, especially of heavily trafficked, high touch areas.

Enhanced Cleaning

Contact us today to find out how BioShield can help you reopen and stay open safely.

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Ready to see how BioShield can work for you?

Contact us for a quote, more information, or just to reach out. We'd love to hear from you. 

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