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Protect Schools. Raise Money.

Welcome to our SaferSchools program page! We launched SaferSchools to accomplish three goals:

  • Arm students and faculty with cutting edge antimicrobial technology

  • Provide discounts to parents and teachers

  • Donate a percentage of revenue back to the organizing body

Whether you're a public school, private school, or PTA looking to protect your students, read on to see how SaferSchools can work for your organization. 


10% discount.

10% donation.

It's that simple.

Since the start of the pandemic, BioShield has been on the forefront of developing antiviral, antibacterial surface protection products (see next section). Now, as schools struggle to reopen safely, we're helping bring those products where they're needed most.

With SaferSchools, we provide your organization with a unique coupon code to share with students, teachers, and parents. Your code entitles anyone using it 10% off all BioShield antimicrobial products. Further, 10% of gross sales associated with that code is donated back to your organization.

And that's it. We designed SaferSchools to be simple. Fill out the contact form at the end of the page to get up and running in less than 48 hours!


BioShield has poured thousands of hours into the research and development of our products. We've followed up these developments with exhaustive testing, conducted through Microchem Laboratories and the University of Arkansas (a CDC grant recipient). The results of these tests show a >99.9% efficacy for all BioShield products against a SARS-CoV-2 surrogate in our test window. Further tests have shown similar results against norovirus surrogates, as well as S. aureus and E. coli bacteria.

Efficacy Chart (1).png


We see effective back-to-school strategy in two pieces: protect the surfaces, protect the air. While all BioShield products work towards that end, we recommend at least the following two products as a starting point:



With an easy roll-up design, these antibacterial, antiviral desk mats can go wherever students go. Whether the cafeteria, class, or study hall, these portable mats add a layer of protection to any surface. No special cleaners, either; simple wipe the mat off, and let our custom antimicrobials do their job!


Make any mask antiviral with our Mask Treatment Kit. We've taken this commercial product and redesigned it for home use. Simply soak any fabric mask, throw in the dryer on high heat, and your mask will be antiviral for up to 20 washes! With masks being on the forefront of intercepting viral pathogens, we highly recommend treatment.


Ready to take advantage of our SaferSchools program?

Fill out the contact form below. We'll reach out to you to set your unique code.

For questions, feel free to call our SaferSchools administrator at (571) 882-2835, or email

How do you prefer we contact you?

Thank you for submitting your inquiry. We'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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